Presenter Testimonials

“During my 14-year tenure at Moraine Valley we presented several different magicians and illusionists.
In my mind, the best of those shows was undoubtly VITALY.

In my new position as senior directot at Elgin Community College, VITALY is one of the first performers I have booked.
The show is fast paced, fun, engaging and full of mind-blowing illusions constantly astounding the audience.

Vitaly is a master of his art and we had many audience members email and call
to find out when we are going to book him again. ”

Tommy Hensel, Senior Director of Performing Arts
Elgin Community College, IL
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“Our audience loved the show. Because it was sold out, we had to add another date! We have never seen anything like that before. But on top of that, Vitaly had a wonderful connection with the audience, bringing them along on the
journey rather than fooling them with ‘tricks’.

Rae Geoffrey, Managing Director
Wortham Center for the Performing Arts, NC
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“I found your artisty to be unmatched, and your illusions very unique. We were especially appreceative of the ease we had in presenting your show. Your commanding presene and comedic banter, kept us all waiting for the next amazement.”

Ron Jewell, Vice President
Halloran Center, TN
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The show was fantastic! The feedback from the audience has been very positive. We’ll have to do this again!

Bruce Bronstein, Executive Director
Ferguson Center for the Arts, VA

“Vitaly was a mesmerizing and captivating wonder on stage and a joy to work with off stage. He did all the extras that helped make his appearance at our venue a huge hit!”

Mike Nadolski, Executive Director
The Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College, MI

“One of the reasons the show was such a hit with our audience was the uterly amazing illusions. But for us it was more than that. Vitaly has designed a very tght and entertaining evening that explores the creatve process of creatng art. This theme worked brilliantly well in context with the incredible illusions. The evening was also elevated by his sharp humor and warm personality.
We highly recommend Vitaly for a truly polished, very fun evening of theatre with world class illusions. We look forward to having him back!”

David Eisner & Avery Saltzman, Co- Artstc Directors
Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company, Toronto
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“Vitaly and his Evening of Wonders wowed a nearly sold out show at the Farquhar. Audiences gasped and applauded his unique illusions. Vitaly is a master of his craft. The evening ended in a standing ovation leaving an audience hungry for a return visit.

Ian Case, Director of the Farquhar Auditorium
University of Victoria, BC

“His performance was flawless, truly professional, and filled with wonders, indeed.
Our audiences were thrilled with the show, and Vitaly was delightful to work with.

Tim Reeve, Public Performances Manager
Montalvo Arts Center, CA
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“In the last 2 seasons, I have presented Vitaly twice, and each time his show has sold out. I have invited him to come back for a third time this season, due to popular demand. His show is a different, a fresh approach to the art of illusion that audiences haven’t seen before. The response has been very positive, with people often returning again and again to his show.”

David Mann, Performing Arts Manager
Evergreen Cultural Centre, BC
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“I have presented VITALY five times at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. As someone who has presented and seen many magic and illusion shows, I can say that VITALY’s show is completely unique and I have never seen anything like it. Our audiences have been entranced by this fine performer as he shatters expectations of what stage magic entails.

Michael Cade, Artistic Director
Chilliwack Cultural Centre, BC
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